Monday, January 5, 2009

New House Again !!

I had a wonderful vacation in Chennai from 25th December to 4th January. On New Year's Eve, we had a family get-together at my place and celebrated New Year with loud (really loud) music, dance, lots of food.... It was very sad to get back to Bangalore this morning, after having a fun-filled vacation.

This morning, I get ready for office and come down to take my bike, when I see that some guy had cut the petrol tube and taken all the petrol in the tank. Since the time I moved in to this house in Koramangala, I always kept my bike outside as there was no parking space and as everyone seemed to park their vehicles outside. Even my roommate S.Arun (Gaali) keeps his Honda Activa outside. I assumed it was very safe. I never knew that stealing petrol from bikes was so easy. All one needs to do is to look for the knob that controls Fuel On, Reserve and Off, find the tube that comes out near this knob and cut this tube. I was shocked and angry, when I saw the hanging petrol tube. With no other option, I pushed the bike to the nearest petrol bunk, in hopes of finding a mechanic there. When I reached the bunk, it was closed and a board read, "Petrol - Out Of Stock". So I went pushing the bike to the next petrol bunk. There, no one could help me with my bike and there too was no petrol. My new worry, then, was that, even if I got my bike fixed, I might not get petrol. I knew that there was another petrol bunk, down the road. But what if there was no mechanic there? I had already pushed the bike 2 km. I did not want to push it another km and finally end up pushing it back 3 km. I decided to take the risk and started pushing it towards the next petrol bunk. But within a few meters, I found a mechanic shop. The mechanic got a new tube, fixed my bike in a few minutes and charged 20 bucks. Some petrol was left in the tank. So I rode the bike to the petrol bunk and luckily petrol was available. Phew !!

Before I went on vacation, Krish, Ashish (Krish's friend) and I had decided to move in together to a house near BEML. The house in Koramangala was only temporary, till Krish could move out of his house. Krish and Ashish had moved in to this new place when I was in Chennai. I was going to shift sometime this week. But after this incident, I was scared to keep my bike outside even for a night. So I shifted to my new house now. This place has parking space inside the compound. A big relief.


Sarath said...

hey dude which block are u staying in koramangala. I had the same experience two times in last one week. its disgusting.

vatsil said...

@Sarath : I was living in the 4th block, Koramangala; do you know of many people, who had similar experiences?