Saturday, October 4, 2008

Settled down finally

I shifted my home to an apartment in Koramangala, today. I'm going to share this house with 3 guys, Shivaram, Karthik (MK) and Gaali (haven't met him and don't know his real name). Karthik has gone to Chennai for the weekend and Gaali is in Korea. I know MK through Vijayaraghavan. MK was Vijayaraghavan's senior in NITK. I met Shivaram only today. MK and Gaali (both from NITK) work for Samsung, and Shivaram (BITS, Pilani) works for Google. Also, Shivaram and MK studied at DAV matriculation school (adjoining to my school).

This is a very spacious double-bedroom flat at a very silent, clean and posh neighbourhood, which is also very close to anywhere we would want to go. They also have a TV with Tata Sky connection, a washing machine, a microwave, a bread toaster and a broadband internet connection with a wifi modem, here.

It feels so much better to have my stuff unpacked, which by the way were packed (on june 14th) when I moved to Bangalore to join GS. I have been living with all my stuff inside suitcases, all this time, even in New York as the shelves there were not very convenient to use and at Krish's place there was no space to unpack them. I now feel like I have settled down. Finally.


Hari Vishnu said...

hmm settled finally eh..

KUMAR N said...

pudhu veedu pudhu bikeu.. kalakkara machi