Friday, June 13, 2008

In the last few days of vacation

On May 30th, I went to meet Prof. K. S. Ramachandran, my maths tutor for IIT-JEE, who did much more than teaching maths or even teaching itself, at his house, with Vijayaraghavan, Rajashekar and Akshay Ram. Though he couldn't recognize us, he was happy to see us. We were more than happy to meet him too. A lot of memories came back to me then. The memories were not confined to the ones with KSR in it; but the entire world, I saw 4 years back, came in front of my eyes. I could realize, once again, that those days were beautiful. They were so beautiful that the very thought, that these memories would go away in sometime, was accompanied by tears. We talked for about 20 minutes about our plans after college and other arbitrary stuff, he gave us some sweets to eat and then we left, happy and content to have seen him after 4 years. He is healthy and his jokes are still very funny.

On June 9th, I went to my school (DAV Boys Sr. Sec. School, Gopalapuram), with Rajashekar, Akshay Ram and Sureshwar. We met our 11th and 12th standard teachers - Prem Chand (maths), Shanthi (computer science) and Sampath (chemistry). Physics teacher, Malarvizhi, had retired last year and we specifically avoided meeting Mini James (english), our most hated teacher. Sampath still remembered and told me that I wrote "Anbe Sivam" on the blackboard (in the place for proverbs), the day after I saw the movie "Anbe Sivam". When we met Sampath, we also saw our 6th standard science teacher - Maheshwari. She said that this was the first time she saw students coming back to school after completing engineering. Right then, I had a good mind to say, "Who will come to meet you, if you hit students with a steel scale?" But I controlled myself for, Sampath sir was sitting right next to her. We then met C.K.Lalitha (10th standard english teacher), who remembered all our names. To get all the feelings, I had on that day, in this post is close to impossibility. All in all, it felt nice.

Today, we went to the Dhabba on Cenotaph road, for dinner, partly to celebrate my birthday and partly to have a final get-together before I go to Bangalore. "We" includes Rajashekar, Venkatesh, Manoj, Nambi and myself. The food was really good.

Earlier today (in the afternoon), I, with dad and mom, went to this new Arun ice-cream outlet near my house. The outlet is not very big, but has a nice variety of ice-cream flavours. I had a double-scoop and my parents had a single-scoop each. One serving filled my stomach and it was very delicious too.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Bangalore by train at 11:15 pm. I have to join GS on June 16th (Monday). So tomorrow will mark my last day of vacation :(


Wetfingers said...

just make it a private blog..its just nice to read..i don't think anyone will ever understand your life so much

Hari Vishnu said...

last day of vacations eh.. always one of the worst days in ones life..

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how all of us feel the same way no matter when we studied under him. I am glad I saw your blog, it brings back fond memories. His summer problems coupled with the suspense of the solution, delivered with a tinge of humor (esp. 'Makku payyan paa ne') made the experience complete. When you look back you realize that the man was a master strategist who made learning fun.

Arvind T (your senior) had a group/scrap mentioning him on Orkut. I feel this is the only other place I have heard his name mentioned.

He was truly the kind of person you should be in contact with. Anyone lesser is an infinite waste of time.

Abishek C (PSBB)