Thursday, March 27, 2008

RAGAM '08 - Inauguration day

Yesterday was Ragam '08 inauguration day. Though a few times something funny like Manu.A happens, inauguration is boring. So I decided to go to the pro-show after the inauguration directly. What I didn't know was that "The Raghu Dixit Project" (which is the band's name) takes around 1 hr 30 mins for a sound check. I have no idea if the sound system guy was the reason for such a long wait. But I like to think it was the band's fault.

Finally they started playing their music at around 9:30 pm, when they were supposed to start by 8 pm. The band consisted of Raghu Dixit, who was the lead singer and who also played accoustic guitar, a violinist, who was born and brought up in Calicut and who played really well, a base guitarist, a lead guitarist and a drummer. Their music sounded really good. It was different. But what bored all of us after the first 2 songs was that every song they played sounded the same. It had the same style. The music was different compared with what we usually get from film songs and western music, but within the concert the music had nil variations.

Lots of students went near the stage and started dancing to the music. At one point of the program, Raghu asked someone very close to the stage to restrain from getting on the stage. Apparently, that guy didn't say ok or something, Raghu got offended and asked the Security-in-Charge to get that person out of the OAT. Ya right! Since nobody seemed to follow Raghu's "order", he continued to play the next song, which had a fast and terrific ending. Right after the song, Raghu says,"This wasn't for you, man!" and pointed at that guy. It sounded so stupid. I got reminded of something that happened in my first year. When Mother Jane was playing, someone threw a one rupee coin at the singer. The singer didn't give reactions like what Raghu did. Instead, he coolly picked the coin up, kissed it and put it in his pocket. The entire gallery applauded for his wits.

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