Monday, December 24, 2007

Entering Semester 8

Its been a month since I last blogged. Well, in the vacations, I sat in front of the TV mostly, except for 5 days, when I went to Bangalore for FOSS.IN (will be posting photos soon).

I arrived at college on the 16th (sunday), did registration on 17th (after standing in the queues for over 4 hours), got terribly sick on 17th night, flew to Bangalore with the sickness (Calicut to Bombay to Bangalore) on the 18th, messed up my interview (atleast I dint throw up during the interview) with Google on 19th, flew back to Calicut (Bangalore to Cochin to Calicut) on the 20th, cancelled my trip to Kottayam for ACM ICPC '08 (the train was for 20th night) on account of severe health conditions, rested (slept the whole day) till yesterday and woke up this morning at 7am hoping to get to my first class for the semester, but only to find out that all classes for today have been cancelled. So here I have 2 more days at my disposal. Ya right. All I can do is take more rest. Not to mention, Im terribly weak.

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