Friday, October 26, 2007

Within 5 Minutes

After 3 days at home, last sunday, at around 7:30 pm, I was sitting in an auto, with my parents. We were on our way to the Central station. The train to Calicut was at 8:15 pm. I was thinking about how life would go back to boring classes, when suddenly... My stomach churned, as though I was freely falling, but only, I was moving forward. I just saved my teeth from hitting the metal bar behind the driver's seat. The sudden brake was due to a two-wheeler, that had given the auto a sharp left cut. The auto-driver didnt get a chance to shout at the motorcyclist, who drove off without knowing what he did.

Phew! I leaned forward. I was sitting on the left side of the 3-seater and could again feel the wind, blowing hard on my face. PAM PAM! I turned back and saw this black pulsar, honking to get way. In a neat curve, it came to the right side of the auto. The speed of the bike rose. It overtook the auto, came right in front and in seconds, decreased the speed considerably. Sudden brake once again. This time more sudden but we were already holding onto supports; so nothing happened, except all of us getting really pissed. The auto-driver shouted at them, nothing bad; just asked them to be more careful, in his "slanguage". All of us pointed our hands at the boys (looked like college students) on the bike, you know, in a fashion to scold them. They had wanted to park the bike on the left, when they slowed down. They, still on the bike (now parked near the pavement), stared at us as we started moving.

A minute passed. My heart came back to beating normally. I was looking down at the road, enjoying the wind, still leaning forward. I had just noticed a fast approaching headlight, when, in split seconds, a fist came to my face from outside. My reflexes reacted and I moved my face back, right in time. The fist couldn't reach me but his fore-arm hit the side of the auto. Just when I realised what came to my face, I saw the guys on the black pulsar, not even a foot away from me. I had this urge to kick the pulsar away; less they attempt that again. But I didnt. They accelerated forward and howled at us (abuses included), after which they took the immediate left and disappeared. The entire thing was very sudden; it took us a few minutes to get our minds from going over it again and again.

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