Friday, October 5, 2007

When is this getting over ...

This is the "hate-to-see" wall of my hostel room. Now, what are those bits of paper stuck on the black chart? Lets take a closer look.

"Oh these look like post-it notes. What? Post-it notes? You are using post-it notes for remembering pending work? Whats wrong with you, Arun?"

"Relax pal; I just happened to have post-it notes and so decided to waste them differently. Its ok."

But guys, here is the truth: these bits of paper, that remind me about the amount of work I have, are driving me crazy. Still, I'm not removing them coz they are really helping me keep track of pending work. So its a trade-off I guess.

I just wish I know the day when I will have the black chart blank. Seriously. That plastics assignment on top requires reading four very recent research papers. Four of them. There is this economics test next week and a seminar on "Political Economy", that I need to present for 30 minutes. You need to prepare for this dude; I mean this isnt some maths topic that you can keep explaining over and over again for 30 minutes; this is a subject closely knit with philosophy; gonna be tough. Oh, and the main project -- I almost forgot. I just got the mid-term evaluation report for the main project done with now. The report was to be submitted yesterday. Avl Vs Red-Black trees - Advanced Data Structures course project. This work was given to us, when S-7 started and I havent started it yet. Finally, for its part, Design & Analysis of Algorithms has a course project on "Bipartite Roots of Graphs".

These are non-academic work, that dont trouble me much. But bundled with the rest, I get reminded : "Work is work and I have loads of them."

To push all this down the drain, 2nd sessionals are scheduled for next monday. All that can pull me to sanity is my trip to chennai on 19th. I'm only waiting for 19th.

"Tell me, Arun. Why are you speaking like you care about all this? You normally dont think about academics anytime but the day before exams."

"What do you mean? I have always cared about academic work. I sure have. (pause) I have. (pause) Haven't I? (pause) Oh God! Whats happening to me?"

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