Monday, October 1, 2007

Shyam Prasad

Shyam Prasad was a 2nd year B.Tech. Civil Engg. student in my college. I dont know him personally. As my friends tell me, he had just learnt how to ride a bike on friday. That very same day, he met with an accident. Early this morning we lost him.

He was riding a bike with 2 of his friends behind him. It looks like the bike had gone out of control, throwing his friends off it. He, unfortunately, collided with concrete somewhere, resulting in a serious head injury. His friends escaped fatal injuries. In the hospital, he underwent a surgery in the brain and the doctors were not hopeful of his recovery after the surgery. His family was a little relieved last evening, when his pulse had come back to normal. But he could not make it. Early this morning, he passed away.

This is not the first person, we know, who lost his life in a bike accident. It is also known that in almost all of those cases, what proved to be fatal, was a head injury. If we dont wear a helmet, when on a bike, then its high time we take things seriously and start wearing one.

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