Monday, September 24, 2007

Garlic Bread

We were 7 or 8 years old, when all of us cousins used to play a game. The game was called "Muniyandi, the servant" (ofcourse, in tamil). It technically isnt a game. Its a small drama show with this protagonist named Muniyandi. This guy works as a servant at a household and does crazy things. To explain one, when his master asks him to make "Upma" (its a dish), this guy doesnt know what it is, tries to mix salt ("uppu" in tamil) and flour ("mavu" in tamil), makes a mishmash of it, gives it to his hungry master and gets scolded badly for it.

A few days back, my friends and I were bored and so went to this new place they had opened at Kozhikode. Its called "Coffee Beanz". There, we ordered for some stuff, along with "Garlic Bread" as starter. For 20 minutes, we waited for the starter. Finally, they brought it. But what they served definitely, or debatably wasnt Garlic Bread. It literally just had pieces of cut garlic on top of a few slices of bread. We just couldnt eat it, despite being really hungry. It made us regret for momentarily forgetting we were in Kozhikode.

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the garlic guy said...

I love garlic bread.