Thursday, September 6, 2007

After all the effort, Finally my first blog

It took me one whole day to set this screen up and post this blog. I wanted to blog since last semester, after Mr.Kiruba Shankar, who had come to my college (NIT Calicut, where I'm dong my final year B.Tech. in CSE), for FOSS.NITC, '07, explained how blogs can be useful. Not many but a single huge hurdle stood midway - one I have never crossed without someone poking me from the back with a needle. Well, I don't have to mention, do I? I was lazy.

It was summer and I was at home changing tv channels on my remote. My dad was around and all of a sudden, he asked me about what I think of the nuclear deal (that, I feel, should be vehemently opposed). Be as it may, I took some time to get my head to the question, before which he started to speak again. He was more casual this time. He asked with a smile on his face, if I know what NRIs in America say about the left opposing the "deal". I didn't know but I was amused already. I just knew these guys (atleast a majority of them) say complete nonsense. My dad, then told me that they are asking the communists in India to flee to China and let India grow. Thats it. Both of us started laughing. It was uncontrollable. I wonder if it was interesting or funny, to think if these guys actually fled from India, (from participating in its government, democracy), intending to enable its prosperity. It was surely funny. In some minutes, when we were regaining balance, he went on to say that they (NRIs), in emails to media or to family and friends and on the web, are actually making a strong movement. He continued laughing but I felt something other than amusement then.

"The web is not confined to them, Appa. Infact, even we need to seriously start making efforts to express ourselves through the web. Its effective and now, its important that we do it. Its not all that difficult. We can have our own websites. Or, we don't have to do all that, we just have to start blogging."

"Blogs, yeah."

I smiled as if I won something. It lasted only till he said, "You have one, right?"

I didn't need a needle after that. So here I am.

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